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Sessions to Look Forward To At Monty2024

Good morning from Santa Monica, where it’s currently very wet. We hope to get all the rain out of the way before the Summit so you can enjoy our standard 70-degree and sunny weather on March 5th and 6th.

We have been busy assembling a rich and well-integrated program. At The Montgomery Summit presented by March Capital, you will have the choice of many sessions, including 30+ panel discussions, 20 exclusive interviews & fireside chats, and 80 presentations from private tech company CEOs.

As we gear up to publish the agenda next week for the 21st annual Summit, here’s a close-up look at some of the sessions that we have curated.

In an era marked by geopolitical uncertainty and evolving threats, join us for a session with some of the world’s most respected military and political leaders to discuss the technology needed to maintain a competitive national advantage. We will be joined in the conversations by leading authorities, including General John R. Allen, Retired General, United States Marine Corps / NATO International Security Assistance Force, General James McConville, General (Ret.), 40th Chief of Staff of the Army, Operating Partner, AE Industrial Partners, Nate Fick, Ambassador at Large for Cyberspace and Digital Policy, U.S. Department of State, David Lin, Senior Director for Future Technology Platforms, Special Competitive Studies Project , and Keith Strier, Vice President, Worldwide AI Initiatives, NVIDIA.

We will feature two distinct sessions with visionary leaders driving impactful innovation in science and medicine in our 2024 program. We will highlight the power of machine learning in biology & chemistry and how AI is reshaping the frontiers of science and education. Join us for a dynamic discussion featuring Pradeep Khosla, Chancellor of UC San Diego, and Geoffrey von Maltzahn, General Partner of Flagship Pioneering, as they explore the new era of science, medicine, and academic research driven by the revolutionary force of AI.

Join us for a conversation featuring leaders from the family office, endowment, and sovereign wealth fund worlds as they discuss how they are approaching the evolving investment climate. We will address their current asset allocation strategies, portfolio construction focus, valuation perspectives, and the key macroeconomic and geopolitical issues impacting their decision making. This session will provide insights into how capital allocators are thinking about the reset in the venture market, how liquidity is impacting flows of capital and what the follow on impacts will be in the venture market in the coming years.

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