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Acceldata: Emerging Leader in Data Observability

We are delighted to announce our recent investment into Acceldata, a highly differentiated data observability solution for the modern enterprise.

You’ve heard the aphorism “data is the new oil”.  It highlights the importance of data in today’s digital economy where enterprises are investing billions in capturing data across every touchpoint of customer interaction to enhance customer experience and improve business operations. To be useful and relied on, the data must be of high quality and integrity, and data teams need to be able observe and diagnose data pipelines to identify and remediate poor quality data.  Compounding the problem of the exponential growth of data and multiple repositories, is the move by most enterprises into hybrid data environments, where part of their workloads are on-prem and part in the cloud.  This has resulted in errors, complexity in data pipelines and bloated data costs for organizations.

Acceldata has developed a Data Observability Cloud platform which provides CIO’s and engineers visibility into the compute layer, data pipelines and data infrastructure. This multi-dimensional visibility enables customers to correlate signals from all layers to provide more meaningful insights for data products. The solution improves data system reliability, optimizes engineering productivity, and expedites cloud migration and data validation.  It additionally allows organizations to better monitor and manage their ever escalating data costs. To date, these capabilities have been unattainable by single-dimensional / monitoring solutions and home-grown alternatives.

Data Observability is an important issue for CIO’s building data driven products. It is a top 5 spend priority and constitutes about 5% of total enterprise data spend which we estimate will increase to 15% in the next few years constituting a massive addressable market for the company.

Founders Rohit Choudhary and Ashwin Rajeeva have built an impressive team with expertise in the data observability category. They understand the pain points of data teams intricately, having gone through that journey themselves at Hortonworks in their previous roles. Their domain depth and sharp focus on customer pain points has enabled them to build a highly differentiated offering and to become trusted partners for the data ops needs of their customers.

The unanimously positive feedback on team, platform need and time to value that we got from their customers, most of whom are large enterprises with complex data stacks, gives us confidence that Acceldata is well positioned to be the Data Observability leader in the coming decade.

We are very excited to have a front row seat in this journey!

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