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Building a Platform Around Cyber

How do executives make sense of 1,000+ cybersecurity companies? We know that every organization has a limited number of resources in which to implement and monitor its cybersecurity posture. Recently, platforms are emerging that simplify cybersecurity, potentially shifting the market away from a collection of “best-of-breed” point solutions. The question in the minds of investors and entrepreneurs alike – what does it take build one?

Moderated by Jed Leidheiser, Partner at March Capital, this special panel will examine the core principles and tough decisions that are necessary to build a cybersecurity platform, from experts who’ve grown companies into mission-critical platforms, and who aren’t done innovating yet.

Co-founder & CEO of Coalition, Joshua Motta, started out at Microsoft as the company’s youngest hire. He saw cybersecurity as a risk management problem, yet the data and solutions weren’t available to make risk-weighted decisions.  In founding Coalition, his aim was to allow businesses to quantify their cybersecurity risk, and then provide tools to monitor and insure against that risk. Today, Coalition has over 140,000 customers worldwide.

Gur Talpaz leads Corporate Development at CrowdStrike, after being an industry analyst and Managing Director at Stifel. CrowdStrike is now a market leader in cybersecurity, with a platform composed of 22 modules, that processes over 1 trillion events per day.  Hear how CrowdStrike built its own platform and is now giving back to the ecosystem, such as with its third-party marketplace and its Falcon Fund.

JumpCloud founding team member and Chief Strategy Officer, Greg Keller, grew the company by turning “product users” into “product champions.” JumpCloud is the open directory platform for secure access. In a market that many thought would be dominated by Microsoft, JumpCloud has experienced rapid growth by not forcing users into a particular ecosystem.

Together, these speakers will shed light on how to build a true cybersecurity platform, en route to becoming large businesses in their own right.

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