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Early Registration Ends December 31st for The Montgomery Summit

From the desk of Jamie Montgomery,

As 2023 comes to a close, I am reflecting on the past year and the experiences and events that have defined it. Many will say that they have never seen times like this before, but perhaps we have—we just are not looking far enough back. The Middle Ages provided many lessons as major advances in civilization took place amid deep divisions and widespread conflict: ages of uncertainty gave birth to a profound transformation of all aspects of life, which was manifested in the Renaissance. We can only hope for the same – inspired by innovation in AI, biology, climate technology, and other areas. In the interim, I anticipate that many of the challenges from 2023 will endure at least through 2024, and we are curating the program for the upcoming 21st Montgomery Summit accordingly. Several of the key topics we will address include:

The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence as a General-Purpose Technology
How do you put AI in context with real-world examples of the companies that are being built, insights from the hyperscalers on their AI strategy, and determine what’s important? That is our goal, and we will showcase over 50 of the most impactful private AI companies in the world, several hundred of the most influential investors, and most of the major technology companies to join us for the conversation at the Summit. I hope you can join us as well.

The Lack of Governance in Many High Profile Startups
We have had plenty of examples of bad governance—let’s have a conversation about good governance, what it is, and why it matters. Roxanne Austin is a nationally recognized expert on this topic and will lead the discussion, which is truly important for all entrepreneurs, investors, and Board of Directors to get right.

Making the Golden State Golden Again
Governance matters not only in the private sector but also in the public sector. How do we bring responsible governance back to the State of California? Why is a $68B state deficit coupled with failing government services, excess government regulations, high taxes, rampant homelessness, poor education, and rising crime not the platform for the future of America, much less California? And what can we do about it?

Cyber — The Gift That Keeps on Giving
I have been investing in cyber for 25+ years. By now, I should not be surprised by anything. But I am. The massive scale of attacks, the scope of ransomware, and the complexity of defending against the attacks are daunting. This year, we will have a special session on “the adversaries” – the “bad guys” to understand the threatscape and scope of the challenge (opportunity), as well as a session on the budget priorities for cyber. We will also be joined by 15-20 of the most disruptive cyber companies from around the world. These are important sessions and complement the next session on national security.

National Security
We will continue our discussion on the future of warfare and the role critical technologies play in supporting national security and our competitiveness.

Redemption through Innovation
We will have 125+ of the most dynamic technology companies in the world speak on how they are navigating the evolving technology and capital markets. In an era of tightening budgets, companies have had to do more with less, and we will hear how companies have allocated their resources to create the most sustainable competitive advantage possible.
Capital Markets – What to Believe and What to Expect? The Capital Markets remain a tale of two cities – much of the investment return in the public markets has been driven by a handful of technology stocks, and the balance of the market has been flat for the year. At the same time, private valuations are down, and the IPO market has been anemic. We will dive into an outlook for 2024’s capital markets, financings, IPOs, and M&A.

Wit & Wisdom of Charlie Munger – A True Icon
We will pay tribute to Charlie Munger with a special program at the Summit. I had the privilege of a very close relationship with Charlie. He was extraordinary. I would refer you to the terrific new digital edition of Poor Charlie’s Almanack. Stay tuned for more info.

If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to register now before early registration concludes and book your accommodations at the Fairmont before the rooms are filled.

I look forward to seeing you in Santa Monica in March.

With best wishes for the holidays and the New Year,
Jamie Montgomery

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