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Future of Healthcare x AI

Future of Healthcare x AI Panel

 How do we make sense of the development and delivery of healthcare today? Due to advancements in the modern age, we are living much longer than previous generations. As the number of patients grow, healthcare faces huge problems with too few doctors to treat them. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, can help resolve some of these difficulties by offering advances that range from more efficient diagnoses to safer treatments.

We are also seeing potential cures and therapeutics for our biggest healthcare challenges getting closer to cures thanks to development of AI. AI is being used to rapidly and effectively explore different protein combinations and likely side effects our outcomes. We are also seeing technological solutions that can actually change the ‘software’ of our genetics rather than simply cut and edit them.

Moderated by Wes Nichols, Partner at March Capital, this special panel will examine how we are seeing AI transform the healthcare industry today and beyond.

Punit Singh Soni is the Founder and CEO of Suki, an AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant for doctors that enables its users to be more productive while solving some of the biggest problems in healthcare. Hear from Soni how Suki helps physicians cut their paperwork burden by 70% while driving double-digit increases in revenue by getting the billing codes right.

Geoffrey von Maltzahn, General Partner at Flagship Pioneering and CEO of Tessera Therapeutics, is an inventor, entrepreneur, and the co-founder of multiple groundbreaking companies in healthcare. He has deep expertise in genome engineering, the microbiome, bioengineering, and nanotechnology. Join us in this panel to learn about his focus on inventing technologies and starting companies to address global challenges in medicine and environmental sustainability, including the breakthrough technology of Tessera as well as his other company, Generate Biomedicines.

With over 25 years of experience at Amgen Research, Executive Director, Dr. Peter Grandsard is responsible for the chemical, biophysical, and physical characterization of research-stage therapeutic candidates, synthetics and biologics alike. Grandsard has managed Amgen functions in bio-assay development and screening; small molecule process analytical sciences; and lab automation tech. Given his role, it is no surprise that he follows evolution in instrumentation and information technologies very closely, with more and more focus on machine learning for in-silico prediction of attributes. Hear from Grandsard on how AI and machine learning offer the potential to reduce the time and expense of clinical trials, how exactly AI is transforming clinical trials, and what this will mean for pharma and biotech startups in the US and internationally.

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