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Securing the Cloud Economy

February 22 2021
Written by Jed Leidheiser

Cloud spend is forecast to reach 60% of overall software spend within 5 years, up from half that today.  We’ll look back on 2020 for many reasons, including as the tipping point for the Cloud Economy, as e-commerce grew 44%, remote workers became 1/3 of the workforce, and digital transformation schedules compressed from “several years” into mere months.

Sadly, these technology and behavioral changes also create a much larger surface area for attack.  In addition, enterprises have become incredibly interdependent on their suppliers, customers, and partners – for example, the impact of the Solarwinds hack of 2020 is an order-of-magnitude increase from the Target hack of yesteryear.  No credible analyst believes that threats will diminish in the years ahead.

What can be done?

On March 3rd and 4th, we’ll be exploring how leading startups simplify security in the Cloud Economy, enabling both business resiliency and growth.  A few highlights from presenting companies:

  • DataVery Good Security not only secures sensitive information between a customer and a business, but allows enterprises to exchange customer data without the risk of regulatory exposure
  • AccessStyra decouples authorization policies from an application or piece of infrastructure, drastically lowering the burden on developers who’ve become the critical path to, and the enabler of, growth in many businesses
  • Network Valtix secures the corporate network and blocks malicious traffic, while providing operational transparency, all delivered as a service without any infrastructure to maintain
  • Remote WorkAxis Security provides “zero trust” access for employees and partners, with no network changes or clients required, regardless of the location of a remote user
  • Multi-Cloud Orca allows enterprises to achieve consistent security across clouds and workloads – without requiring an agent and without worrying about whether all assets have been covered

Together, these companies allow enterprises to operate seamlessly in the Cloud Economy, enabling CxOs to focus on their businesses, knowing that their technology stack is secure, compliant, and resilient.

Join us for “Securing the Cloud Economy” at The Montgomery Summit 2021 presented by March Capital on March 3rd and 4th, where we will dive into market opportunities in cybersecurity and hear how these companies (and more) reimagine what it means to be a cloud-enabled business.

To register for the 2021 Summit, please use the following link:  If you have any questions, contact

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