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Spotlight on EarnIn

Earnin – with a socially driven, enlightened, and interesting business models is revolutionizing FinTech.   You can see them at The Montgomery Summit 2021 presented by March Capital on March 3rd & 4th.

Founder & CEO, Ram Palaniappan will present Earnin during our Spotlight program, which will feature 15+ other transformative companies including ASAPP, Rubrik, Qumulo, ThoughtSpot, Forter, and more.

Earnin’s mission is to build a financial system that works for people. Every year, while Americans wait for their paychecks, more than $1 trillion of their hard-earned money is held up in the pay cycle. As a result, Americans accumulate over $50 billion in late and overdraft fees and over 12 million Americans turn to high interest loans each year. Not only this, but even prior to the pandemic 80% of people were living paycheck to paycheck.

The financial system in the US is not built to help get people out of poverty, but Earnin is. There is no reason for people to wait two weeks to receive their earnings and pay hefty overdraft fees to bridge the payday gap – especially when only 14% of borrowers can afford to pay back their loans. Earnin helps get people the money they earn on time, while avoiding fees and saving money to pay their bills. The benefits of using Earnin go beyond getting hard-earned money faster – 84% of customers said that Earnin helped reduce their stress during the pandemic and that they saved $58 per month on overdraft fees with Earnin.

Earnin is taking initiative to solve the bigger issues of debt, poverty, and financial education in America. With more than 2 million active users and new product offerings coming soon, Earnin is building for our community and its future.

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