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The Six Pillars of Monty2024

Dear Colleagues,

Wishing you a very happy new year. I am writing to you from outside Melbourne, Australia, where I am enjoying an extended visit and a few extra days of summer. The relative solitude has given me time to reflect on the outlook for 2024 and how we should build out the program for The Montgomery Summit to make it as exciting and impactful as possible.

Every year, there are new stories to be told and old stories to be retold. As always, the program is thematically driven around core “pillars.” This year, our program is centered around the following:

1) 120+ Private Presenting Companies: Each entrepreneur has a great story to tell—including their vision, talent, and perseverance, which have enabled them to accomplish their success. We have announced over 70 companies who will participate on a panel, spotlight presentation, or traditional “pitch” style presentation. As always, you will be able to request 1-1 meetings through our networking app.

2) Industry Deep Dives: Executives, entrepreneurs, and other expert resources will join us for a series of discussions on global payments, vertical software, quantum computing, data & cloud infrastructure, and synthetic biology.

3) Executive and Board Leadership: Our program includes sessions on board governance, best practices in go-to-market, category creation, and fireside chats with top executives on lessons in leadership, including a discussion with Carmine Di Sibio, EY Global Chairman and CEO.

4) Technology Priorities in the Enterprise: We will host a panel of leading CIOs with Metis Strategy’s Peter High, a Fireside Chat with Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, and additional discussions on budget priorities and ROI metrics from IT spending.

5) The Investment Environment: Six distinct discussions will cover the venture landscape, an analysis of the Series B financing bottleneck, a discussion of the role of “mega tech” in corporate VC, the critical role of sovereign wealth funds in the venture ecosystem, and liquidity focused discussions on M&A and the IPO environment.

6) “Global Macro” Issues: We will feature sessions that address issues of national importance, including cyber vulnerabilities, technology and its role in national security, the increasing importance of India as a strategic partner to the United States, and restoring the promise of California.

We will kick off the program with a conversation with one finance icon—Michael Milken—and end the Summit with a tribute to another icon—Charlie Munger. We anticipate that we will have over 200 speakers and 125 distinct sessions at the Summit. We will have over 100 hours of content with a few hours of content webcast for our global audience. The net effect is a program carefully curated to provide tremendous insights into the innovation economy.

Over the coming weeks, we will publish an initial schedule, and we expect to release the app with full program content in late February. I hope to see you in March in Santa Monica—it might be the best investment you make this year. Learn more and request an invitation.

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