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The Evolving Investment Landscape at Monty2024

We are only six weeks from The Montgomery Summit 2024, presented by March Capital on March 5th and 6th in Santa Monica. I believe it will be our best ever—let me share why.

We have built a reputation for hosting one of the world’s leading technology investment conferences. Every year, we start over and think about how to make this year different and how to raise the bar.

This year, we have curated a program that should provide tremendous insights into the investment landscape, which companies might emerge as winners, and why. With the market correction, we will see private investment opportunities that we have not seen in nearly two decades. At Monty2024, we will showcase an ensemble of 120+ companies of unparalleled quality, and they are open for business.
We have also created a rich tapestry of panels, keynotes, and presentations. We want to put the significant issues into context (e.g., Capital Allocation from Sovereign Wealth Funds & Endowments, the Rise of India, Insights into the Middle East, and Cyber Threats) and provide deep insights and fidelity into specific areas that impactthe success of emerging technology companies (e.g., 2024 IT priorities, investment in AI from the strategics, competition between AI platforms, and the evolution of cloud & data platforms). We anticipate that you will walk away with better insights and appreciation for the nuances of the current investing environment.

Our guests tell me that the Summit is big enough to provide early access to breakout companies and thought leaders, yet intimate enough to build meaningful relationships with a community of industry leaders, investment professionals, strategic partners, and fellow entrepreneurs who join us. I trust you will find this the case.

  • A Conversation with Mike Milken
  • Capital Allocators, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and Endowments: Where are they Investing?
  • The Early Growth Bottleneck: Closing a Series B in 2024
  • Corporate Venture Capital: A Driving Force in the AI Fundraising Ecosystem
  • Navigating the Future Landscape of Venture Capital
  • IPO Readiness
  • The Wit & Wisdom of Charlie Munger

Vertical software has historically lagged in innovation compared to its horizontal counterparts. However, recent breakthroughs in AI – the ability to ingest unstructured data, automate complex tasks, and deliver quicker time-to-value – have shifted the playing field. Founders can now build compelling domain-specific platforms more effectively, unlocking $T of value in large markets. Join us to hear from CEOs of category leaders on what it takes to successfully build winning vertical AI applications in legal, healthcare, and supply chains.

Topics Covered