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Why We’re Betting on DISQO

August 24 2021
Written by Wes Nichols

I have spent decades working with many of the CMOs of the world’s largest companies, and they all seem to want:

1) Data-Driven Decision Making,
2) Revenue and workflow automation linking their activities to revenue contribution,
3) An elevated consumer experience.

Technology has transformed the ways brands and consumers connect, it is the basis for the all-important and high-demand consumer experience. But how can a marketer know what consumers want, or think, or are considering when looking at a product or service? How do marketers balance this need for what makes consumers tick with the push for privacy?

Consumers want great experiences with brands – one-click buying, inventory availability across all stores and warehouses, and easy returns. But at the same time, they are demanding more privacy on the internet. Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Google Chrome have all taken initiative to offer more privacy to their users, and their collective response to phase out third-party cookies means that the end of tracking consumer behavior through cookies is inevitable. Together, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome account for more than 70% of all global web traffic. Advertisers, marketers, and brands who rely on customer information to meet the growing demand for superior customer experiences are searching for new and better insights to replace the disappearance of this important technology. In the effort to meet these demands, promising start ups are taking center stage.

We’re betting on DISQO, a category leader in behavior-based consumer insights. DISQO’s comprehensive consumer insights platform holds extensive customer behavior and opinion data. DISQO offers access to this rich collection via API as well as data analysis to help brands better understand their customers.

DISQO’s strategy is threefold. The company has a consumer facing product called Survey Junkie that it uses as the “engine” to power its other core products, DISQO Research and DISQO Measure. DISQO Research connects the data gathered from the Survey Junkie application with enterprise customers via API. Enterprise customers can then directly query the consumer dataset. Because DISQO Research provides first party data, it offers a more complete dataset than what third-party cookies can offer and thus returns more accurate predictions and insights for customers. DISQO Research layers opt-in behavioral tracking, from roughly 60% of its Survey Junkie users, to its survey data to provide unparalleled insights. DISQO Measure then measures the attitudes and behavior of opt-in consumers after the ad exposure, further informing companies’ product positioning decisions based on ad performance across all platforms. What consumers are searching for, what ads they are exposed to ‘in the wild’, what they place in shopping baskets at Amazon, and what they actually purchase, is all captured across nearly 500,000 customers who have decided to monetize their data in the name of consumer insights.

Customers speak highly of the unique, effective, and accurate insights DISQO provides through its proprietary data sets. Not only are the insights unmatched, but DISQO’s investment in quality control and fraud management ensure that DISQO’s data is superior to other options in the market.

In addition to its survey and behavioral data that provide a holistic customer view, DISQO has a number of new and compelling software products coming out in the next few years:

DISQO’s products, Research and Measure, are on their way to becoming the gold standard for consumer insights. March Capital has been a long-time investor in data-led software companies. We believe DISQO is the answer to this fundamental shift in privacy expectations and consumer behavior.

Learn more about DISQO and how their customer intelligence platform is revolutionizing access to consumer insights here:

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